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Benefits of playing an instrument

Benefits of playing

Why should you learn an instrument with us? We’ve listed a few reasons below…


Increased intelligence and memory

Some of the brain benefits of learning a musical instrument include increased comprehension and math skills, finely-tuned auditory skill and a greater capacity for memory.


Increased coordination

Students who practice with musical instruments can improve their hand-eye coordination. Just like playing sports, children can develop motor skills when playing music.


Playing a musical instrument relieves stress

Studies show that playing an instrument helps in lowering the heart rate and blood pressure, which in turn lowers the stress hormone cortisol, thus making us feel relaxed.


Make new friends

Playing an instrument or singing is a great way to meet other musicians and increase your social circle. Music draws children together from different backgrounds and creates a common bond.

Maestro Eduardo Marturet, a conductor, composer and musical director for the Miami Symphony Orchestra, who also oversees the MISO Young Artist program in South Florida, has observed the effect that music has on a child’s social skills. "Socially, children who become involved in a musical group or ensemble learn important life skills, such as how to relate to others, how to work as a team and appreciate the rewards that come from working together, and the development of leadership skills and discipline."


Better self-confidence

With encouragement from teachers and parents, students playing a musical instrument can build pride and confidence. Musical education is also likely to develop better communication for students.



Playing an instrument naturally leads to increased physical activity. Whether you’re playing the piano, guitar, strings, or a wind instrument, you’re using your arm and back muscles to play and/or hold up your instrument. And if you play the drums, you even get to do some cardio!


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